Friday, April 1, 2011

Miss Boogie Gets the Mail

One of Miss Boogie’s favorite tricks is "get the mail." If you say, “Get the mail, Miss Boogie,” she leaps from her chair by the window, races to the dining room, jumps onto a chair, and then the table. She roots through the stack of mail, to find a proper envelopea greeting card, letter or postcard. Miss Boogie will not carry slick circulars or newsprint. Then with the envelope held carefully between her teeth, she trots back to the person who made the request, and delivers the mail. "Good, Boogie!"
This is a good trick for the Moms, because they once ran a greeting card business out of the family room. The first Mom made all the photographs—women on the beach, women in the sunset, women washing the car, women by the fireplace. (Miss Boogie was featured in the fireplace card. But to the point.) The second Mom glued all the photos to the pre-cut cards. Miss Boogie transported the cards from production to shipping without creasing, puncturing, or slobbering on a single one. Which is more than can be said for her Uncle Chuck, who somehow managed to get bar-be-que sauce on everything. Miss Boogie was a crucial member of the team. She did not like the hours, however, and managed to nap away six or seven during a single shift.
Recently, Miss Boogie has been receiving her own mail from readers. She asked if we could answer some. From time to time, we will under the heading “Miss Boogie Gets the Mail.”
Miss Boogie’s first letter comes from Joyce. Joyce asks, “Does Miss Boogie ever travel? If so does she have a preference of cars, planes, etc.?”
Dear Joyce,
Miss Boogie loves to travel, but she only travels by car, boat, bicycle and sometimes Harley. (Her Aunt Gail had a Harley, but she moved to California.) Miss Boogie prefers vehicles that allow her fur to fly freely in the breeze. She does not like to be confined inside a closed vehicle. She never travels in a carrier or a crate. Come to think of it, she didn’t much like the helmet on the Harley. 


Miss Boogie’s 2nd Mom