Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh! Joe! (Banana Joe)

Miss Boogie just had to post, today. She's so excited about Banana Joe's win, Best in Show, at  Wesminister!

What a handsome dog!

After all her years of struggling to gain Affenpinscher Recognition, "I am not at all a terrier. I am not at all a poodle mix!" Miss Boogie is over the moon with joy.

She is not simply elated that such a handsome dog won, but also that Joe's handler, Ernesto Lara, recognized and spoke so eloquently of the Affenpinscher's innate character and comic wit. 

“This isn’t a breed you train. He’s like a human. You befriend him.” said Lara. “He knows when it’s showtime.”  

 “Like any comedian, when he’s in a situation, he doesn’t think it’s funny,” Lara said. “Once you live with one, you know that’s the standard. They need a comic seriousness.”  

Well, yes, as if any underdog group didn't develop a comic sensibility!  (Just ask the Moms.)

Miss Boogie thrilled at Judge Michael Dougherty's remarks about Banana Joe's  physique. 

 “He has the muscle tone of a big dog,” said Dougherty.

At last! Miss Boogie can hear the crumbling of the "wimpy" stereotypes. At last the recognition for generations of courageous ratting!

"Oh, Joe! My hero!"

What's this? While I've been faithfully typing up Miss Boogie's post someone has booked a flight on my credit card to the Netherlands! Miss Boogie!

P.S. Thanks to the New York Times for the wonderful quotes.