Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Round on both ends, Hi in the middle

     This is a wonderful time of year for Miss Boogie, watching her favorite team and enjoying a few sips of brew.
     "Miss Boogie! You haven't been drinking from my glass have you?"

     The Mom really shouldn't put her glass on the floor. Better be cute.

     "Aren't you clever, Miss Boogie! Okay, have a sip."

 Go Bucks!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ukelele Song

 Miss Boogie has never been fond of winter. That’s putting it mildly.

 Suppose you had to plow through knee or chest or nose deep snow several times a day just to, well—modesty prevents discussion—only to return to the house a walking snowball.

It's humiliating to be grabbed up, dunked in a sink of warm water and blown dry on high speed. Avoiding static fur buzz is tough enough just having the furnace on.

You can imagine Miss Boogie’s joy in spending this past January in Florida!  Smack dab on the beach.

While they were there, Miss Boogie and the Mom visited the Mom's friend, Kat Archer. (Miss Boogie thought Kat was a funny name for a person until she found out it was short for Katherine.) Katherine is a singer-songwriter from St. Augustine. Miss Boogie loved Kat’s "Ukelele Song" so much she helped Kat do a special video.

Love and kisses from the beach,
Miss Boogie

You can find more amazing Katherine Archer music at