Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diary of an Artist's Retreat, Part III

Miss Boogie, Minimalist

  As Miss Boogie reported last week, an artist’s retreat is anything but peaceful. The Mom seems to be in some sort of creative frenzy. Not only is she storming ahead on her screenplay, but also she is painting furiously. Which is altogether new for the Mom, at least in Miss Boogie’s lifetime. It seems the Mom painted in college in the remote past, but hasn’t really painted since.
  The Mom has been using Miss Boogie as a model to refresh her technique. The Mom has decided to paint Miss Boogie in the style of some of her favorite painters. Since last week, the Mom has painted Miss Boogie in the style of Picasso,
Miss Boogie in the style of Picasso
Miss Boogie in the style of Miro
Miss Boogie in the style of Modigliani
and Mondrian.
sketch for Miss Boogie Sleeping in the Sun in the style of Mondrian

So far Miss Boogie's favorite style is early nieceling.
Miss Boogie, Early Nieceling

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